Making A Product Stand Out – 6 Principles Of Success

Since businesses either offer a product or a service, differentiating between thousands of options can be very difficult. Focusing on the product market, buyers are exposed to tens of thousands of commodities. This is why the design and packaging supplies can be the main selling point, or have a completely detrimental effect on the brand.

Main elements of one’s creation which make it “pop-out” in the mind of the buyers are remaining simple and honest, being original and able to make changes, placing the product appropriately, and staying practical.

How To Stay Simple?

If one is putting out a product in the market, the demand will not react positively to an over-done design that makes it impossible to get to the bottom line. This means that products should be clear about what they are and who created them. With limited time, most customers will not have the luxury to spend a few minutes reading the labels to discover the underlying objective of a product.

Why Does Honesty Matter?

This element is what will determine how many people re-purchase a commodity in the future. By displaying an image of an item far from its actual state, the company will hardly have high retention rates with the buyers. Furthermore, this can discredit the entire brand and damage their reputation. Although designers are meant to “brag” on their products through images, crossing the line might cause more damage than anything.

Originality Is The Key To Differentiation

Grabbing a busy buyer’s attention might be impossible without an innovative idea. With dozens of products who are ultimately very similar, the buyer may not even pay attention to most of them. This is where a creative image, unseen illustration, or something similar will come in. By not implementing these, one will be selling themselves short!

Positioning? Huh?

Although this category seems unknown, it is what essentially makes the buyer approach a product. When shopping in large stores, one will often not even see a product that is by itself on a 50-feet long shelf. Placing the commodity in its appropriate place and category as well as creating some type of visual “pattern” that cannot be missed, will help the seller achieve greater demand. The brain will detect specific outlines and colors a lot easier than others. Thus, placing has to be taken seriously.

What Exactly is Making Changes?

With many companies aiming to be more than a “one-hit wonder”, their objective is to offer many products. By designing them in a way that small changes can make an entirely new product, they will make it more apparent that it is the same brand. If a product has to be completely redesigned when a new line of commodities comes out, buyers may not realize that it is made by the brand which they are loyal to.

Practicality Matters

No matter how unique the design might be, the product will be useless if the way it is used is counterintuitive. Per se, a bottle of water cannot have a lid that is near-impossible to open, and this goes on to all other industries.

The way to win the market share is to know the way customers think. By following these elements, one is bound to reach people looking for quality commodities!


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